India is facing a potentially severe water crisis, with demand expected to outpace supply by 50% by 2030 unless major water management reforms are undertaken.  Surface water is commonly over-allocated and ground water is being extracted at unsustainable rates.  Water quality is declining due to urban waste, untreated sanitation and industrial pollution.  Droughts and floods claim many lives each year, and climate change evidence points to an increase in both frequency and severity.

India welcomes technical cooperation and the water engagement targets sharing experience, technical expertise and technology.  Over the past seven years, Australia’s strategy to establish water management cooperation with India has primarily focussed on the Central Government and primarily on building a relationship with the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation (MOWR), the Central Water Commission (CWC) and the National Mission for a Clean Ganga, which more recently has been incorporated into MOWR.  Australia’s water management cooperation is conducted under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) re-signed in 2014 by the then Prime Ministers of both countries.

India Portfolio

  Haryana Irrigation Training
  Groundwater Workshop
  Metro Water Board Mission
  National Hydrology Project (NHP) III:
—    NHP Launch and Integrated Water Resource Management Seminar in Pune
—    National Water Information System Assessment (India WRIS)
—    River Basin Planning & Institutional Strengthening Stage 1
—    Capacity Building Scoping Mission
—    National Water Resources Information Centre Development Support
—    Capacity Development Scoping Project
  Karnataka Integrated & Sustainable WRM Program (KISWRMIP):
—    KISWRMIP Scoping Mission
—    KISWRMIP Implementation
  Andhra Pradesh Water Sensitive Cities
  Centre of Excellence Mission Andhra Pradesh – Hyderabad Water Delegation
  Murray-Darling Basin Study Tour
  National Groundwater Meeting
  South Asia Representative
  Maharashtra-NSW State Water Management Workshop