• Creating a water secure Pakistan

    International Symposium on ‘Creating a Water Secure Pakistan’

    The Supreme Court of Pakistan, through its Law and Justice Commission (LJCP), hosted an International Symposium on “Creating a Water-Secure Pakistan” in Islamabad on 19-21 October, in response to the country’s water crisis. Pakistan’s per capita surface water availability has declined from 5,260 cubic meters per year in 1951 to approximately 1,000 cubic meters in […]

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  • Kini interview with Dr Len Drury, Director, Aqua Rock Konsultants

    Listen to the latest Kini interview with Dr Len Drury, Director, Aqua Rock Konsultants,  speaking about water sanitation, the mining sector, and the Indo-Pacific achieving SDG6, and a groundwater project that was revived after 30 years. In his interview, Len also reflects on his experience working in Myanmar and why it has been so successful. […]

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  • The role of water in Australia’s uncertain future

    If you live in an Australian city, there’s a good chance that your water comes from surface water such as streams, rivers and reservoirs filled by rainfall and runoff. If you live in Perth, much of your water (about 40%) comes from groundwater. But you might be surprised to know that a sizeable proportion of […]

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