Water and Climate

The Australian Water Partnership has worked to support resilience of communities and ecologies since our inception, and this year we have stepped up our engagement with water and climate resilience. In collaboration with the water and climate communities, we will be hosting a session at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change COP26 on 8 November to raise awareness of the importance of integrated climate, water, and development solutions.

About the AWP

The Australian Water Partnership is an international cooperation initiative helping developing countries in the Indo-Pacific region, and beyond, work towards the sustainable management of their water resources, actively supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Partners

We work with Australian, In-country and International Partners in the water and development sectors to achieve our vision and mission. Through these valued and trusted partnerships, we mobilise Australian water sector expertise to address demand.

Knowledge Hub

We provide the international community with access to resources that describe how water is managed in Australia, how our arrangements have evolved to cope with drought and water scarcity, and how these can be applied to other country contexts.