20th International River Symposium

Hosted by the International RiverFoundation, the International Riversymposium was first held in Brisbane in 1998 and provides a platform for river managers, policy developers, scientists, consultants, NGOs and community organisations to share knowledge and innovative ideas on all aspects of river and water management.

By facilitating partnerships between key stakeholders, the International Riversymposium celebrates the environmental, economic and social value of rivers across the globe. The symposium provides an international forum for examining best practice in river and watershed management.

Over the years, the International Riversymposium has hosted thousands of delegates from all over the world. Whether through the RiverExpo, plenary sessions, or the Riverprize Gala Dinner and social program, Riversymposium provides the opportunity to network with river and water management experts on a global scale.

For more information, visit www.riversymposium.com

AWP @ River Symposium

The Australian Water Partnership is pleased to be participating again this year. If you are attending the event, please drop by the AWP stand and have a chat with us. You are most welcome to stay and use the space as a meeting area.

AWP Sessions and Activities

Monday, 18 September 2017

Lessons from Australian efforts to support river basin water reform projects in Asia

This session aims to draw out some lessons from river basin management projects in three countries – India, Myanmar and Vietnam – involving collaborations between Australian and Asian experts. Australians participants will critically reflect on how successful their engagements have been for sharing Australian knowledge and experiences, and the role this has in supporting in-country reforms. They will highlight any tools or frameworks they are using to facilitate the exchange of knowledge. Their stories will be compared in discussion following the talks to see if there are any common lessons that might serve as advice for similar engagements in the future.

Time: 1030-1200 | Venue: Brisbane Convention Centre,  room P9

AWP Representative: 1. Prof Nick Schofield, CEO, AWP 2. David Harriss, Access Water Management 3. Tarek Ketelsen, CEO, AMPERES 4. Rob Rendell, Principal Consultant, RMCG 5. Greg Holland, Jacobs

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Delivering environmental water – the role of government, NGOs and the community

This session will highlight lessons learned from developing environmental watering arrangements in Australia, with a focus on the challenges governments face in engaging the community in delivering environmental water. National, state, and local perspectives will be provided on the topic. Speakers will outline environmental watering arrangements in Australia and explain concepts that need to be understood by government agencies. They will highlight the importance of the different levels of government and NGOs working collaboratively to achieve shared goals, and some adjustments they made to the way they work to bring this about. Partnerships between water managers and the community have been vital to the successful delivery of environmental water, and have been developed at basin-wide, valley-specific, and local levels. Speakers will outline their experiences collaborating with communities at these three different levels. A panel discussion that follows will try to distil lessons learned that may have relevance to water managers nationally and internationally working in a wide range of contexts who wish to involve the community in delivering environmental water.

Time: 1330-1500 | Venue: Brisbane Convention Centre,  room P6

AWP Representative: 1. Nosheen Mohsan, Flinders University 3. Lisa Walpole, Alluvium Consulting 4. David Papps, Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder 5. Justen Simpson, New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage 6. Hugo Hopton, Nature Foundation South Australia

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