Asia Water Forum 2018

While the Asia-Pacific region has experienced rapid economic growth over the past three decades, enormous challenges remain. The region is home to half of the world’s poorest people and is facing rapid urbanization with about 22 megacities by 2030 and a population of 5.2 billion by 2050. Consequently, water demand is projected to increase by about 55% due to growing demand from domestic and industrial sectors. The agriculture sector will need to produce much more food for the growing population, thus also competing for diminishing water resources. Recent estimates indicate up to 3.4 billion people could be living in water-stressed areas of Asia by 2050. The region’s water resources will be under enormous pressure—which will be exacerbated with increasing climate variability and possible further degradation of water quality.

The AWF 2018 provides a platform and venue for sharing knowledge and experience on water information, innovation, and technology across the region. AWF 2018 aims to discuss ways to identify and adopt innovations that best address the requirements for a water-secure Asia Pacific region, and to keep the profile of water high on the region’s development agenda. The increased knowledge and application of international best practices as well as continued development and use of information systems, remote sensing, enhanced control systems, and other advanced technology is expected to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of ADB-financed projects in developing member countries; thus improving the management of water, delivery of water services and status of water security across the region.

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  • Half day workshop to present Australia’s core national-scale modelling tools

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