Dr Colin Chartres


Colin Chartres is Chair of the Expert Review Panel of the Australian Water Partnership and CEO of the Crawford Fund.  He is an Honorary Professor at the Australian National University and a member of the international steering committee at the Daugherty Centre for Water and Food at the University of Nebraska, USA.  Previously, he was Director General (2007–2012) of the International Water Management Institute (a CG Centre) based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  Prior to moving to Sri Lanka, Professor Chartres was Chief Scientific Advisor to Australia’s National Water Commission and held senior roles in the Bureau of Rural Resources, the Australian Geological Survey Organisation and CSIRO.

He has broad expertise in both the science and policy/governance aspects of water management, has helped organise and sat on the boards of several Cooperative Research Centres. He has published over 150 scientific papers, book chapters and a book “Out of Water – from abundance to scarcity and how to solve the world’s water problems.”  He holds BSc and PhD degrees from the Universities of Bristol and Reading respectively.