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Katharine Cross

Strategy and Partnerships Lead

Katharine joined AWP as the Strategy and Partnerships Lead in 2022 engaging and positioning AWP in the domestic and international water spaces, building partner engagement, as well as supporting knowledge development and management. She has extensive experience (+15 years) in the water sector from global to local scale. She has a background in water resources and environmental management and has worked in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America with NGOs, government and the private sector. Katharine was most recently the AWP Mekong Coordinator engaging with Mekong governments and relevant stakeholders. Previously Katharine worked for the International Water Association and the International Union for Conservation of Nature leading on various projects and programs. Her technical competence in the water sector covers a range of areas including: climate resilience and adaptation, nature-based solutions, water-energy-food nexus, water governance, including connecting cities and urban stakeholders with their watersheds. She is also interested in convening and facilitating stakeholders across and beyond the water sector to develop solutions for better water management. 

Katharine has a Master’s in Environment and Development from the London School of Economics, and additional academic background in environmental engineering and science.