Kevin Devlin

ERP Member

Kev Devlin runs a private consultancy specialising in providing high-level advice and design services to the water supply sector.

He has over 40 years’ experience in the water industry.  For over two decades prior to 2013, he was responsible for SunWater’s engineering workforce in North Queensland.  SunWater, a Queensland GOC, through its North Queensland operations, provided design and construction management services to a wide range of clients, both within Queensland, elsewhere in Australia, and in a number of overseas countries.

Kev led the organisation in Ayr at a crucial time as the focus for engineering in the water sector changed from irrigation development to modernisation of existing irrigation schemes to suit the commercial environment and greater pressure on water supplies.  Industrial water systems also became a major focus.  As the last remaining major rural and industrial water supply authority in Australia with a full range of in-house engineering capability, SunWater’s engineering group in North Queensland readily found work across Australia due to the specialist nature of its expertise.

Since 2013, he has led the irrigation design on a number of high profile irrigation projects in the south island of New Zealand, and provided peer review and expert advice to modernisation projects in Victoria and New Zealand.