Nick Schofield

Professor Nick Schofield

Chief Executive

Nick is the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Water Partnership and has over 40 years’ experience in the water and natural resources management sector. He has led 14 major research programs across Australia addressing issues of salinity, eutrophication, sediments, pesticides, river and wetland health, groundwater and biodiversity loss at the intersections of agriculture, forestry, mining, urbanisation and climate change. Nick has developed national policies and pioneered methods in research prioritisation, evaluation and futures analysis.

Internationally, Nick has worked across Asia, Pacific, Africa, Europe and North America. He has actively delivered programs on Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, Young Water Professionals, Integrated River Basin Management, Environmental Water and Water Quality, Irrigation Modernisation, Water Stewardship, Water Sensitive Cities, Water Utility Twinning, Water Data and Information Systems, Water Tools, Water Accounting, Water-Energy-Food Nexus, Water Scarcity, Water Security Assessments and Capacity Development.

Nick was formerly the inaugural Director of the Global Water Institute at the University of New South Wales, CEO of the International RiverFoundation, and CEO of the Western Australian Ministerial Water Resources Council. He has held senior positions in government, industry, consulting, academia and the not-for-profit sectors.

Nick undertook his BSc (Hons) in Physics at Imperial College, London, a Doctor of Philosophy in Astrophysics at the University of York, UK, and a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Catchment Hydrology at the University of Leeds, UK. Nick is a member of the Strategic Council of the International Water Association, a Visiting Professorial Fellow at the University of NSW and a Fellow of the Royal Society (NSW).