Ralph Ogden

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Dr Ralph Ogden

Head of Knowledge & Communications

Ralph has been the Head of Knowledge & Communications for the Australian Water Partnership since July 2016. He has extensive senior-level experience in running partnerships comprised of government agencies, research organisations and private industry, and in directing knowledge-sharing and technology transfer projects. During 2015-16 he worked as a consultant in knowledge-sharing and the management of R&D programs. Earlier as an executive in the eWater Cooperative Research Centre and eWater Ltd (2005-2014) he served in various roles directing teams to create science-based software products for managing water and to support users of the products. At different times he was in charge of all of product development, the urban and ecological management streams of research and product development, eWater’s communications team and its professional community of practice. His teams were responsible for attracting the initial investment in eWater Source — now Australia’s Hydrological Management Platform — as well as the initial stages in the development of the software. In 2011-12 he also served in a one-year secondment as the Senior Science Adviser at the National Water Commission.

Earlier Ralph was the Director of Knowledge Exchange in the Cooperative Research Centre for Freshwater Ecology (2002-2005), and prior to this, he spent six years at CSIRO Land & Water and the University of Canberra researching the effects of land use on billabong ecology and river-floodplain habitats. He received his PhD in 1997 from the Australian National University with a thesis on the ecology and palaeoecology of billabongs on the Murray River and tributaries.