Simon Hausler

ERP Member

Simon is the Policy Manager in the Queensland Government’s Office of Circular Economy.  He has more than 20 years’ experience in sustainable water resource management; leading legislative reform and making significant contributions to the Queensland approach to catchment planning, overland flow regulation and the implementation of effective and robust water trading. With a disciplinary background in social impact assessment, Simon has used strong technical communication skills to support community-led processes in both surface and groundwater contexts, integrating hydrologic, economic and ecologic analysis into the development of statutory water management plans.  He has also led the development of human-centric service approaches to water resource regulation and provided advice on the application of digital tools in managing water at a basin and enterprise scale. 

Previous positions with the Queensland Government include Director-Water Markets and Trading, Director-Water Planning for Coastal Catchments, Director-Regional Urban Water Security as well as serving as the Queensland representative to the Northern Basin Advisory Committee during the Norther Basin Review process.