ADB — Asian Water Development Outlook: 2016 report

The Asian Water Development Outlook: 2016 report explores, in detail, where Asian and Pacific Countries are along a spectrum in terms of achieving water security: the National Water Security Index. This report not only sets out the internationally-accepted frameworks for water security at the infrastructure, household and urbanized levels but it establishes the priority areas that the ADB will focus on. To support this publication, the ADB has developed a suite of videos and articles to break down parts of this report and make it more engaging.

The report details the following five key dimensions:

  • Household water security
  • Economic water security
  • Urban water security
  • Environmental water security
  • Resilience to natural disasters

Part 5 of the report is a must-read, in that it provides a governance analysis as it pertains to water security. Good governance is essential but not often analysed in a comprehensive manner, which is what this report does on page 68 / Table 4. This section breaks down the various components associated with governance and tracks where certain countries in Asia and the Pacific are along the spectrum.

This report follows from the Asian Water Development Outlook 2013.

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