eWater Group wins bid to manage Phase 3 of the Australian Water Partnership

We’re delighted to announce we’ve confirmed Phase 3 for AWP and will continue to work with our implementing manager, eWater Group. 

AWP General Manager Sarah Ransom said, “the AWP team is so excited to be looking ahead to a new phase of AWP, after a long period of anticipation. We have seen over Phase 2 how valuable and important the work we do with partners is, and intend to deepen our collective impact over Phase 3.” 

eWater Group won the managing contract as part of an open tender process announced in 2023. This competitive process allowed eWater to demonstrate their ability to deliver integrated water resource management with integrity, value and evidence-based advice and support.  

eWater Group has successfully mobilised Australian water sector expertise through the Australian Water Partnership Phase 1 and 2 since 2015 which has seen AWP evolve to deliver development and partnership outcomes driven by local needs.  

As part of Phase 3, AWP looks forward to a new policy focus in regional development and stronger emphasis climate change which will be central to all AWP Work.  

Phase 3 will also see a robust approach to gender equality, disability, social inclusion and LGBTQI+ in development, as well as a renewed emphasis on First Nations engagement – all areas in which AWP has already had much success in through its various programs, activities, and national and international events in both Phase 1 and 2. 

eWater Group CEO Michael Wilson said, “our successful management of the Australian Water Partnership solidifies our continued commitment to support, facilitate and encourage high-quality, reliable, and evidence-based decision-making over water resources.” 

eWater Group together with the Australian Water Partnership look forward to delivering a successful Phase 3 on behalf of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Featured image: The AWP Team with eWater Group CEO Michael Wilson (second from left). Credit: Justin/Alexandra Orme Photography
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