BasinGuide: A guide to river basin planning released

The Australian Water Partnership has published to help practitioners address the challenge of water security and unsustainable river management, and further the ambitions of many Indo-Pacific countries to improve their river basin management and cooperation of shared rivers across jurisdictional boundaries. BasinGuide describes the Australian experience in river basin planning, management and implementation and presents the key stages and issues that should be considered in this complex and politically contested process. The structure and key elements of the guide draw on the outcomes of a workshop held with AWP Partners in May 2019, and is authored by David Winfield, Simon Tilleard and Tony Weber from Alluvium, David Harriss from Access Water Management, and Melita Grant from the Institute for Sustainable Futures (University of Technology Sydney).

BasinGuide presents seven iterative stages for managing water resources by collaboratively establishing plans and governance arrangements for implementation and continuous improvement. Among a range of useful advice, the publication provides guidance on water sharing and allocation, resolving water disputes, improving water quality, community engagement and involvement, and adapting approaches to account for climate change. BasinGuide can be applied to any level within a multi-level governance system—from small catchments to large international transboundary river basins—and it can used by a range of policymakers and practitioners from all levels of government, as well as by non-government organisations, communities and stakeholder groups who are integral to achieving successful river basin outcomes.

AWP officially launched this publication at the 23rd International Riversymposium virtually on 10 November 2020.

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