Become a Partner

We welcome Australian organisations and consultants involved in all aspects of sustainable water management to join us.

Join our “Water for Development” community

AWP has over 235 Australian Partners, each with their own innovative approaches and skillsets to address complex water issues. One of our roles is to match the expertise, knowledge and skills of our Australian Partners with international development requirements.

While not all Australian Partners will collaborate on development activities, it remains evident that one of the most valuable benefits of becoming an AWP Partner is simply being part of our global ‘Water for Development’ community.

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Key partnership benefits include:

Connecting with partners from across Australia and the Indo-Pacific

Being part of a “Water for Development” community

Opportunities to support international development

Professional development and training opportunities

Annual partners workshop

Become a partner

We’re excited to invite Australian organisations and businesses to join us as partners.

Applications must be submitted through the online form below. On the last step of the application form your representative will be required to make a signed declaration on screen.

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