Call for EOI: Independent assessment of the quality and completeness of the Ayeyarwady Decision Support System

Submission Deadline: Wednesday 8 July 2020 12.00pm (AEST)

The Australian Water Partnership (AWP) is looking for a Decision Support System (DSS) Specialist/s with experience in DSS development, water resources modelling and water data information systems to lead the independent assessment of the Ayeyarwady DSS.

The Government of Myanmar (GoM) has invested US$8M in loan funds from the World Bank in the development of the Ayeyarwady Decision Support System (DSS) and Basin Master Plan for the Ayeyarwady Basin. This is being implemented under Component 1 (C1) of the Ayeyarwady Integrated River Basin Management Project (AIRMBP). The accuracy of the hydrology underpinning the DSS and the DSS elements are important to underpin future water-related investment in Myanmar.

A DHI Joint Venture (JV) was engaged in April 2017 to implement the DSS and BMP (C1.17) under C1 of the AIRBMP. The DHI JV is supporting the creation of a shared knowledge base, analytical capacity, and supporting stakeholder interaction to enable the National Water Resources Committee (NWRC) of the GoM to develop and manage the Ayeyarwady Basin sustainably.

This activity builds on previous and ongoing AWP investments in the State of Basin Assessment (SOBA) and in carrying out a hydrological data audit and scoping model for the Myanmar Hydro-Informatics Centre (HIC) and the twinning arrangement between the Murray-Darling and Ayeyarwady basins. This activity will be funded through the Australia-Mekong Water Facility (AMWF).

View full details and eligibility/selection criteria here.


Rory Hunter
AWP Program Manager
T: +61 2 6206 8320


Note, DO NOT use the AWP Tender Submission Template provided on the online form as this template is for full proposals only. Instead, this EOI should include a description of relevant experience of the Partner/s, as well as proposed daily remuneration rates based on the . EOIs should be a maximum of five pages, plus annexes for maximum one-page Curriculum Vitae (CV).


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