Call for EOI: Myanmar Young Water Professionals Batches 5 and 6

Submission Deadline: Monday 27 May 2019, 5.30pm (AEST)

AWP is seeking Australian Partners to provide budget and coordination support for the Myanmar Young Water Professionals (YWP) Batch 5 (Jul 2019 – Jun 2020) and Batch 6 (Jul 2020 – Jun 2021).

The Myanmar YWP program is a rolling one-year program in which young people from academia and government in Myanmar receive mentoring and training in various water resources related technical subjects. The program is designed to create the next generation of water leaders in Myanmar by exposing them to a wide range of issues and disciplines that make up the complex picture of water resources management and river basin planning in Myanmar.

The objectives of this Activity are to:

  1. Provide core program support to YWP Batch 5 and 6, including budget for training, learning centre, resources and other expenses;
  2. Assist the HIC in program coordination and financial management of the YWP program to ensure budget planning and regular reporting on expenditure through quarterly and End-Of-Batch financial reports;
  3. Identify ad-hoc opportunities for YWP participation in seminars and/or training programs linked to ongoing AWP Phase 2 investments in Myanmar;
  4. Facilitate certificated short courses by Australian centres of learning that aligns with the YWP foundational units or core technical competencies; and
  5. Provide coordination support to HIC through the employment of a part-time YWP Administration Officer to be based in Yangon, Myanmar.

View full details and eligibility/selection criteria here.


Ashleigh Rhind
AWP Senior Program Officer
T: +61 2 6206 2861


Submissions should be made via the online form, noting any requirements in the eligibility/selection criteria above.


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How do I make a submission?

Click on the ‘Make a Submission’ button located in the top right to provide your contact details and upload your application document.

Is it necessary to have a bank account in Myanmar?

To disburse funds to the Hydro-informatics Centre (HIC) in Myanmar, an in-country bank account would be advantageous. If the partner can identify an appropriate alternative approach for disbursing funds to the HIC, then this could be considered.

It appears the call is more for administration of the YWP program and recruitment of the local administration officer, is this correct?

Primarily yes, the call is for the administration of the YWP program however, there will be an opportunity to influence course curriculum. Specifically, as mentioned in the Call for EoIs, there will be an opportunity to facilitate short courses of specific thematic focus.

What would be expected from the Australian partner in this call? Is most of the work expected to be devoted to financial management? Therefore, should the Australian partner focus the effort into providing training and capacity building in financial management to the YWP batches 5 and 6?

Yes, the majority of the work will be devoted to financial management and reporting however, the partner will have an opportunity to provide capacity building through the delivery of the short-courses.

The call for EOIs notes a daily rate should be included. Should we develop a full budget for the EOI submission?

A fully developed budget is not required. However, please specify the remuneration rates for the potential specified consultants. We are seeking to confirm the proposed rates are within the Aid Adviser Remuneration Framework (ARF).

Should the EOI present a summary of a proposed budget or should it just address the selection criteria to demonstrate experience of the Australian partner within the criteria described?

The submission should include the rate of the proposed specified consultants in line with the Aid Adviser Remuneration framework.

For the budget, is the $350k expected to be used for the implementation of the second and third year (YWP batches 5 and 6) YWP program? Therefore, is it expected that most of this budget should, then, be disbursed to HIC with the Australian partner providing an administrative person to oversee the management and expenditure of the funds? Or is there a separate budget for the YWP program that HIC is managing and, then, the Australian partner will provide support to HIC on financial management of those funds?

Yes, the majority of funds will be disbursed to HIC with the remaining funds to support the successful proponent for financial management and short course delivery. Other organisations are also contributing to the YWP Batch 5 & 6 program.

Do ARF rates apply to both Australian and International Partners?

Are the short courses expected to be conducted in Australia or Myanmar? Moreover, should the short courses be focused in financial management or water resources management?

Preference is to have the short-courses completed face-to-face in Myanmar although part of the short-course could be delivered remotely if justified and necessary. The short-courses should focus on water resources management.

The selection criteria predominantly asks for demonstration of experience of the Australian Partner with aid and development programs associated with water resources management. Therefore, there are questions on whether the Australian Partner should demonstrate expertise in water resources management or financial management. Could you please clarify this?

Experience in both financial management and water resources management (for delivery of short courses) would be advantageous.

Were the previous YWP programs overseen by International WaterCentre (IWC)?

No, IWC facilitated the delivery of several short courses however administration and financial management has been overseen by WaterAid Australia.

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