Call for EOI: Valuing Water: The Australian Experience, Case Study 2 – Water for the Environment

Submission Deadline: Friday 28 August 2020, 12.00pm (AEST)

The Australian Water Partnership (AWP) is looking for an Australian Partner to prepare a case study on water for the environment, as part of the World Bank Valuing Water: The Australian Experience Activity.

Activity Background

The World Bank is an International Partner of the AWP and through the Australia-Mekong Water Facility (AMWF) has been co-developing activities around improving the tools and expertise for valuing water, as well as sharing the Australian experience.

The overall ‘Valuing Water’ activity is intended as a contribution to the World Bank’s efforts to support a range of countries in developing an evidence-based framework for identifying, evaluating and realising the value of benefits derived from water. These benefits include a range of economic, ecological, environmental, social, cultural and related aspects, the value of which varies over time and space, with levels of social and economic development, and as the context within which they are positioned changes. The outcomes are expected to inform the development of methodologies for evaluating the value of benefits associated with water and mechanisms for realising these values in the context of the Mekong region.

The Valuing Water activity is designed to generate a series of case studies demonstrating the practical realisation of the value of water and the holistic management of water. These case studies are expected to capture the Australian experience by focusing on: i) water scarcity; ii) environmental sustainability; and iii) cultural benefits of water.

Activity Description

This Case Study 2 – Water for the Environment activity will document how environmental flows have been introduced, how the value of environmental water allocations have been identified and measured, and what mechanisms have been developed for the realisation of those values.

The case study aims to review the literature and public policy documents to assess: a) how the values of environmental water have been identified and evaluated in the Murray-Darling Basin (MDB); b) how environmental water allocations have been developed; and c) how mechanisms used to realise those values (such as the Federal and State environmental water holders) have been developed.

The upper budget limit is AU$40,000 (excl. GST) including remuneration and expenses. This activity will be desk-based, with potential Australian domestic travel.

View full details and eligibility/selection criteria here.



For any questions, please contact the following staff member by 12.00pm AEST, Friday 21 August 2020. All questions received will be compiled and presented with the answers below.

Veitania Lepani
AWP Program Officer
T: +61 2 6201 5237


Submissions should be made via the online form, noting any requirements in the eligibility/selection criteria above.

Note, please do not use the AWP Tender Submission Template provided on the online form. Instead, this proposal should use the AMWF Proposal template and should include a description of the relevant experience of the Partner/s, as well as proposed daily remuneration rates based on the . EOIs should be a maximum of five pages, and 1-page CVs should be included in the Appendix within your application document (max 1 file upload allowed).


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