Call for Proposals: Evaluation of AWP support to the Myanmar Young Water Professional Program

Submission Deadline: COB Wednesday, 27 February 2019

The Australian Water Partnership (AWP) is seeking an Australian Partner to undertake an evaluation of a Young Water Professional (YWP) capacity development program in Myanmar with the intention of informing the design of a proposed follow-on program.

The Myanmar YWP Program is the centrepiece of Australia’s support for enhancing capacity development in the water sector in Myanmar. The Program, led by the Myanmar Hydro-Informatics Centre, is an 11-month professional development program for recent graduates and mid-level government officials. The Program is aimed at broadening understanding and expertise of YWPs to better appreciate the complex interplay of disciplines that make up water management and to help graduates become future water leaders. To date, AWP has supported three YWP batches.

Through this Activity a Partner/s will undertake a review of the effectiveness of the YWP Program. The review will focus on six key components: i) program coordination; ii) financial and administration; iii) curriculum; iv) delivery of short courses; v) ad-hoc seminars and study tours; and vi) YWP Alumni.

View full details and eligibility/selection criteria here.


Ashleigh Rhind
AWP Senior Program Officer
T: +61 2 6201 2861


Submissions should be made via the online form using the AWP Tender Submission Template, noting any requirements in the eligibility/selection criteria above.


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How do I make a submission?

Click on the ‘Make a Submission’ button located in the top right to provide your contact details and upload your application document.

Is it anticipated that we use the DFAT ARF rates in preparing the budget?

Yes, please use DFAT’s Aid Adviser Remuneration Framework in preparing the budget. Note that, as outlined in the framework, a management fee can be included (generally 10-30% depending on organisation type).

If required, could a translator be made available to support our consultation in Myanmar? (Based on previous experience, we find that some participants can feel more comfortable discussing their experiences if they are able to speak in their first language)

Yes, use of a translator would be acceptable however this would have to fit within the budget envelope.

Is there an existing M&E framework that we could draw upon in developing the evaluation plan?

Yes, AWP has recently published an updated M&E Plan (2018–23) that can be accessed at

In terms of budgeting, do we need to include a budget allowance for bringing together past participants for a round table discussion, or do they have their own budget for any specific travel costs?

If a round table discussion is proposed as part of the evaluation, the proposal budget should cover the associated costs. It is expected that a meeting room would be provided within the HIC office so no need to allow for meeting room costs.

Will meeting room facilities in Myanmar be made available free of charge for the actual hosting of any specific round table discussions, or should an allowance be included in the budget?

It is expected that a meeting room would be provided within the HIC office so no need to allow for meeting room costs.

It is noted that the expected activity start/end dates are 18 February to 30 April (Annex A: Activity Plan). Given the likely delay in start date, will the end date be extended, or will you require a more condensed project delivery period?

Preference is for the Activity to be completed by 30 April 2019, but this may be extended by 1-2 weeks if required and justified.

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