Call for Proposals: Evaluation of policies, practices, and tools for sustainable water management

Submission Deadline: Thursday 22 April 2021, 5.30pm (AEST)

The Australian Water Partnership (AWP) is seeking an Australian Partner to review, analyse, and document the effectiveness of approaches used in AWP programs (or sets of activities) that focus on the adoption of sustainable water management policies, practices, and/or tools.

Activity Background

AWP’s Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan 2018–23 indicates the need for a formal process to assess and illustrate progress of AWP activities/programs, including progress towards AWP’s Gender Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) Policy. Entering the second half of Phase 2, together with the upcoming Mid Term Review, provides an opportunity to reflect on AWPs intermediate and long-term outcomes.

The evaluation should collect and analyse data through a mixed methods approach, including, for example, surveys and in-depth interviews. It should use both qualitative and quantitative methods to tell a comprehensive story about how and why change has (or has not) occurred. Data triangulation is desired.

Activity Description

The aim of this evaluation is to determine the reasons and extent to which concluded and ongoing activities have influenced the adoption of effective policies, practices, and tools across AWP’s activities. Particularly to 1) identify the reasons why activities have/have not led to change; 2) identify lessons and effective approaches that could influence future program design; 3) provide recommendations on how to better track activities intermediate outcomes; and 4) measure the impact of leveraging investments with our international partners.

The evaluation is expected to:

The scope of work is guided by the associated Terms of Reference (ToR) and will be a desk-based exercise, with interviews conducted over the telephone, video conferencing or other web-based tools. The evaluation requires documentation from AWP, such as proposals and agreements, contact information from In-country Partners and International Partners, as well as external and annual reports, and other relevant third-party information. Up to AU$75k has been allocated to this activity. Further description of the activity is outlined in the Terms of Reference (ToR) provided in Annex A.

View full details and eligibility/selection criteria here.



Lucía Gamarra
AWP Program Officer


Interested partners should submit a proposal via the following online form by 5:30pm (AEST), Thursday 22 April 2021 (using the AWP tender submission template), late applications will not be accepted:

The proposal should include a description of the relevant experience of the partner/s, as well as proposed daily remuneration rates based on the AWP Partners Remuneration Framework. Proposals should be a maximum of ten pages, plus annexes for Curriculum Vitae (CV). Appendices and CVs (max 2 pages) should be included within your application document (max 1 file upload allowed).

The selected partner will be invited to work with AWP Management to finalise the activity design including methodology and detailed budget.

Note that AWP reserves the right to not proceed with the outlined activity and is not liable for any costs incurred by partners in preparing proposals.


View FAQs in PDF (258kb)

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