Call for Proposals: Support to the development of a Groundwater Profile for Lao PDR and a Sustainable Groundwater Management Plan for the Sekong Basin

Submission Deadline: Friday 14 August 2020, 5.30pm (AEST)

The Australian Water Partnership (AWP) is seeking a Groundwater Planning and Management Specialist/s to support the development of a groundwater profile for Lao PDR, as well as a pilot activity to develop a Sustainable Groundwater Management Plan (SGMP) for the Sekong Basin.


Activity Background

Lao PDR is undergoing rapid development that heavily relies on its natural resources including groundwater. However, there is insufficient knowledge and understanding of the resource, including a lack of reliable hydrogeological maps, which provide the ability to make strategic decisions on groundwater management. Within this context, the Department of Water Resources (DWR), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) is developing a groundwater profile to cover the whole country. Alongside the groundwater profile, the Groundwater Management Division (GWD) within DWR is planning to develop an SGMP for the Sekong Basin to evaluate the potential for expanding irrigated agriculture, food production and supplying local communities with sufficient water to enable sanitation and hygiene practices and in the longer-term support livelihoods.

Activity Description

The Australian Partner selected will work closely with DWR and GWD to support the development of the Lao PDR groundwater profile and contribute towards the SGMP for the Sekong Basin. The specialist/s will support data and information collection on hydrogeology, geology, geohydrology, aquifer, hydrogeological maps as well as related data including socioeconomic development, groundwater use, policies, and legislation for the Lao PDR groundwater profile. The specialist/s will also provide guidance on groundwater use monitoring and groundwater registration, capacity building, awareness, and collaboration between agencies in preparing the Sekong Basin SGMP.

View full details and eligibility/selection criteria here.



For any questions, please contact the following staff member by 12.00pm (AEST) on Friday 7 August 2020. All questions received will be compiled and presented with answers below.

Veitania Lepani
AWP Program Officer
T: +61 2 6201 5237


Submissions should be made via the online form, noting any requirements in the eligibility/selection criteria above.

Note, please do not use the AWP Tender Submission Template provided on the online form. Instead, this proposal should use the AMWF Proposal template and should include a description of the relevant experience of the Partner/s, as well as proposed daily remuneration rates based on the . Proposals should be a maximum of ten pages, plus annexes for Curriculum Vitae (CV).


View FAQs in PDF (234kb)

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