Support for flood early warning systems in the Pacific

Every year flooding in the Pacific is responsible for millions of dollars of damage, disruption to business and communities, and too often the loss of life. Support for the provision of timely, and effective flood early warnings has been a long-standing need for Pacific countries that suffer from flood impacts.    To help address this gap, […]

Count her in: Invest in women and local organisations to accelerate progress

“Women’s economic empowerment is central to a gender equal world. When women are given equal opportunities to earn, learn and lead – entire communities thrive.” – UN Women Australia Women face significant obstacles to achieving equal participation in the economy including in agriculture. To address both this issue and other barriers, AWP commissioned research to […]

Returning from Dubai: Reflections on water in the climate conference

Guest Editorial by Sarah Ransom. This article was first published in World Water Policy Journal on 31 January 2024. From November 30 to December 12, 2023, the UNFCC 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) was held in the United Arab Emirates, and I was privileged enough to attend for a few days on behalf […]

Reflections from the 14th annual Pacific Water and Wastewater Association Conference

Themed ‘Water Resilience, Infrastructure and Climate Change’, the 14th Pacific Water and Wastewater Association Conference was held in Koror, Palau in late September 2023 and drew over 200 water experts from across the Indo-Pacific region.   The Conference comprised of the 7th Pacific Water and Wastewater Forum and the AWP-funded Young Water Professionals program, and provided an […]

Partnerships that work: Australian and Pacific water utilities find common ground building climate resilience

Last week, key stakeholders from the Pacific water sector gathered for the Pacific Water and Wastewater Association (PWWA) Annual Conference & 7th Ministerial Meeting of Water Ministers in Palau, under the theme of ‘Water Resilience, Infrastructure, and Climate Change’. The Australian Water Association (AWA), supported by Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade via the Australian Water Partnership joined the program to co-present […]

Partnerships for a resilient and climate smart water sector

The Australian Water Association (AWA), supported by the Australian Water Partnership (AWP), is driving collective impact for a resilient and climate smart future through partnerships in Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Pacific. Program Snapshot: The Solomon Islands In April of this year Sally Armstrong, Head of International and Industry Programs at AWA, was on an island-hopper on her way to Munda, on New Georgia Island in the Western Province […]

Reduce, reuse, recycle – a circular economy for sustainable water management

Australia, jointly with India and Fiji, hosted a side event at the UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on Thursday 13 July 2023. The session convened a panel discussion on Sustainable Water Management, focusing on the linkages between SDG6 (clean water and sanitation), SDG12 (responsible […]

Reflections on Ozwater

The Australian Water Partnership (AWP) actively participated in Ozwater’23, a prominent event in the water industry organised by the Australian Water Association held in May 2023. The event provided a platform for AWP to engage with partners, gain insights into the latest water-related developments in Australia, and network with regional partners involved in the ‘International […]

Improving water security for communities in Timor-Leste

Worrying about water is a normal part of everyday life for many people in Timor-Leste. In the village (suco) of Loidahar within the Liquiçá municipality on Timor-Leste’s northern coast, people are heavily dependent on agriculture—which means water is critical to their health and livelihoods. But these communities are suffering from the health and economic impacts […]

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