COP27 Australian Pavilion

Australia is taking strong action to prepare Australia’s economy to prosper in the future global net zero economy. We are fully committed to global cooperation to address climate change and we are making the investments needed to transform into a clean energy superpower. While doing so, we will help other countries power their own transitions. We are also investing in climate change adaptation at home and in our region.

The Australian Pavilion will host events, activities and displays each day with participants from government, industry, non-government organisations, First Nations Australians, businesses and civil society.

More details are available on the Australian Pavilion webpage.

AWP at the Australian Pavilion

Monday 14 November, 10:30–11:30am UTC/GMT+2
Thousands of years of lessons: First Nations knowledge for water and climate action

Indigenous people have deep insights into water management. Traditional knowledge passed from generation to generation—continuing to this day—recognises the importance of water and its centrality to life. This session will explore water and climate stories from Australia and the Indo-Pacific, highlighting community and traditional knowledge approaches for inclusive action on water and climate. It continues a conversation building momentum across global forums, from Stockholm to Cairo to the 2023 UN Water Conference, about the potential of applying such valuable knowledge in a changing climate.

Speakers include:

  • Hon Karlene Maywald – South Australian Water Ambassador
  • Phil Duncan – Alluvium Consulting, Senior Indigenous Water Leader, Kamilaroi man
  • Dr Virginia Marshall – Indigenous Fellow, Australian National University
  • Safaira Tagivuni – General Secretary, Soqosoqo Vakamarama (Women Forum) Lau Province in the Fiji  Islands)
  • Ursula Rakova, Community Leader, Tulele Peisa Incorporated

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