COP27 Climate Action Hub

The COP27 Climate Action Hub provides a central scene that is inclusive, participatory and transparent to non-Party Stakeholders.

The area provides participants with an opportunity to stage a variety of events relating to concrete climate action projects and initiatives. These include talk-shows, special launch events, climate action solutions competition winners announcements, games, interactive activities, educational programs or digital demonstrations, all of which focus exclusively on, or aim for, actual climate action and provide a voice to the audience.

The Action Hub hosts a wide variety of actors, such as representatives of businesses, investors, cities, foundations, and also includes civil society, cultural and media figures, and celebrities. All events held as part of the Action Hub programme are live streamed on the UNFCCC webcast page, and the videos files of events are later made available on demand and can be downloaded.

AWP at the Climate Action Hub

Saturday 12 November, 3–3:40pm UTC/GMT+2
Australian water for development community acting for climate 

This interactive session will welcome participants with a video from AWP partners focused on the linkages between water management and climate action. Case study presentations will demonstrate how Indigenous Australians have adapted to natural climate regimes over the last 65,000 years, along with more recent agricultural, industrial and urban development and changing government policies.

The purpose of the session is to increase awareness of the linkages between water and climate and the importance of including diverse voices in how water resources are governed and managed. Although Australia has not traditionally had a strong track record on recognising the importance of this knowledge, Indigenous knowledge is an important part of Australia’s water story and there are stories and experiences to share.

Speakers at this session include:

  • Sonia Cooper, Yorta Yorta woman
  • Associate Professor Bradley Moggridge, Kamilaroi Water Scientist
  • Dr Virginia Marshall, Inaugural Indigenous Postdoctoral Fellow and Water Expert Member, World Economic Forum


  • Katharine Cross, AWP Strategy and Partnerships Lead
  • Lucía Gamarra, AWP Senior Partnerships and Impact Officer

Further details are available on the Climate Action Hub webpage.

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