Cryosphere Pavilion

The Cryosphere Pavilion was introduced in COP25 and has been successful in highlighting the significance of the cryosphere and related research.

The COP27 Cryosphere Pavilion will focus on the implications for timing and scale of implementation and will serve as a strategy centre for those Parties and Observers concerned with the Cryosphere agenda, particularly mountain and low-lying nations and regions.  

Each day the Cryosphere Pavilion will feature targeted side events of six 90-minute sessions, including ministerial-level speeches. AWP Partner ICIMOD has booked the Cryosphere Pavilion on 14 November 2022 to organize the following sessions: 

  1. Climate finance, disaster risk reduction and Nature-based Solutions in the Hindu Kush Himalayas 
  2. Transboundary climate risks in the Hindu Kush Himalayas  (with Adaptation without Borders)  
  3. Adaptation and resilience building in the Hindu Kush Himalayas: Challenges and opportunities – launch of the Solution Atlas  
  4. Climate finance and energy in the Hindu Kush Himalayas 
  5. Mitigating Black Carbon and Other Pollutants from the Brick Production Sector 
  6. Integrated river basin management in the HKH (with the Australian Water Partnership) 

AWP at the Cryosphere Pavilion

Wednesday 9 November, 4–6pm UTC/GMT+2

Integrated river basin management in Hindu Kush Himalayas

This session builds on work implemented in collaboration between ICIMOD, Australian Partners Aither, eWater and IFSD and AWP. The session will present the Hindu Kush Himalaya context, emphasise that river basins need to be managed holistically and draw linkages between cryosphere and integrated river basin management in the Hindu Kush Himalayas.

The session will open with remarks from Ministerial level guests, AWP and ICIMOD, followed by a presentation to set the context for the session, mainly highlighting the focus of AWP-ICIMOD work on integrated river basin management. Experts representing each of the basins and attending the COP27 will be provided the reports in advance and invited to provide a brief commentary on the reports, how it can be used by decision makers and way-forward. This will be followed by discussions and a formal launching of the reports. In the closing remarks by ICIMOD, inferences will be drawn on how the integrated river basin management training adopts a bottom-up approach to support the recommendations of the focused basin reports through capacity building, followed by closing remarks by the session chair. 

For more details on the session see ICIMOD’s flyer linked below, and visit the Cryosphere Pavilion webpage.

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