South Asia


A diverse set of water challenges and opportunities

The Indonesian archipelago is home to 277 million people, spread across over 17,500 islands. As the fourth most populated country in the world, Indonesia’s water challenges are as diverse as its geography and people. An underlying issue is that water and population in Indonesia are unevenly distributed. Much of Indonesia’s water management challenges are connected to its water infrastructure and services struggling to keep pace with population growth, demand and development. As Indonesia puts into place both legal and governance mechanisms to implement best practices in Integrated Water Resource Management, it is drawing upon knowledge and learning from the international community.

Australia’s support to Indonesia

AWP works collaboratively with DFAT, International Partners, Australian Partners and the Government of Indonesia to provide support to address the complex water management challenges in Indonesia. 

Our ongoing support in Indonesia has helped to address existing challenges and prepare for the future by building capacity among water utilities, supporting young water professionals and improving sustainable water management practices within the private sector. In 2023, AWP worked with the government in developing a framework for aquatic biodiversity, fisheries and ecosystem services to be integrated into the planning and design of river basin infrastructure developments, ensuring the environment is safeguarded into the future.

Projects in Indonesia

Australia-Indonesia Water Utility Improvement Program

Australia-Indonesia Water Utility Improvement Program

Transferring management expertise, technology, and personnel between three Australian water utilities and three Indonesian water utilities.
Indo-Pacific Water Stewardship Project

Indo-Pacific Water Stewardship Project

This activity, beginning in early 2019 and running through to 2022, is the second phase of the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Water Stewardship Program.

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