2018 Greater Mekong Forum on Water, Food and Energy

2018 Great Mekong Forum banner

The Greater Mekong Forum on Water, Food and Energy is the largest annual knowledge-sharing event in the Greater Mekong. It presents research-based evidence to non-governmental organisations, policy-makers, the private sector, and development agencies. It does this through carefully designed and facilitated dialogues.

The 2018 Forum theme is ‘Economic Development and the Rivers of the Greater Mekong’: The rivers of the Greater Mekong hold great economic value in terms of their hydropower, fisheries, transport and agricultural potential. So too, these rivers are economic and ecological corridors generating immense economic growth for the countries through which they pass. But this economic growth comes with its own social, economic and environmental challenges. The 2018 Greater Mekong Forum on Water, Food and Energy will focus on ways in which these challenges can be addressed through tried-and-tested solutions, new knowledge generated by research and through a regional, multi-sectoral, multi-stakeholder dialogue.

The Australian Government is the principal supporter of the event, through the DFAT Greater Mekong Water Resources Program.

For more information and to register, visit the 2018 Greater Mekong Forum website.