Alliance for Water Stewardship Training

Special 2020 Program AWS Training Online

Date: 7 Jul – 27 Aug 2020
Venue: Online

Water stewardship enables water users—governments, business and communities—to work collectively together to identify and address emerging water scarcity challenges. The Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Asia-Pacific is offering three levels of training on water stewardship and the AWS Standard:

  • Level 1 | Foundations Of Water Stewardship | 7–9 Jul, 11–13 Aug
  • Level 2 | Advanced Training In The AWS Standard System | 14–16 Jul, 18–20 Aug
  • Level 3 | Specialist Training In The AWS Standard System | 25–27 Aug

Each level of training comprises six contact hours, delivered in 2-hour live Zoom sessions over 3 consecutive days.

Whether you are a major water user, a regulatory body, a natural resource manager or a non-government organisation, AWS training can give you what you need to practise and advocate for responsible water management through water stewardship. If you are interested in providing water stewardship related services such as training, auditing and consulting, you can opt to join the AWS Professional Credentialing program after completing your training.

For more information and to register, visit the event website.