Gender equality, disability, and social inclusion (GEDSI) two-part webinar series

Featured image: ‘Farmers in rice terrace, Vietnam’. Photo credit: Sasint and source- Adobe Stock

AWP is firmly committed to actively supporting and making a positive difference to gender equality, and disability and social inclusion. This is because the AWP recognises that the integration of GEDSI in water policies and programs leads to more equitable and sustainable outcomes.  

As part of its ongoing GEDSI program of work, AWP has developed tools and resources for partners and the broader development community. These tools and resources will be shared through a two-part webinar series to give participants strategies and best practices for integrating GEDSI into water policies and programs.  

We will learn from experts and practitioners about the transformative impact of inclusive approaches. We will hear GEDSI case studies covering both challenges and opportunities. We will look at how to create a GEDSI action plan.  

Webinar 1: GEDSI policy, action plan, and case studies

Speakers will share their experience in incorporating GEDSI into national water legislation reform in Vietnam. They will outline how a leading organisation of persons with a disability in Vietnam undertook a GEDSI impact assessment to strengthen GEDSI aspects of the Law on Water Resources.   

Other speakers will provide an example of embedding GEDSI in a district-wide water resources management plan in Cambodia. They will discuss how GEDSI can be front and centre of water resources management to ensure inclusive and sustainable outcomes that meet the needs of all people in the district. 

The webinar will highlight the benefits and impact of the GEDSI activities as well as share lessons from the approach taken.

Case study contributors and speakers:

Huyen Do, Chair, DP Hanoi

? Yvette Colton, Principal Consultant, Aither

? Tith Nhim, Senior Water Resources Management Specialist, WaterAid Cambodia

? Shreya Gyawali, Senior Program Officer, AWP

? Isobel Davis, Water and Development Consultant

13 February 2024
1- 2pm AEDT
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