Innovate 4 Water

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Date: 5–7 August 2020
Venue: Virtual and F2F (The Precinct, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane)

AWP is co-supporting this special virtual event in collaboration with Water for Women (WfW) and through DFAT. We are facilitating the theme of Exporting Australian innovation and expertise, under which our Australian Partners will pitch their business or ideas to the international market. We are also presenting a special pitch on Gender Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion, so register for the event to find out more about this initiative. The F2F marketplace in Brisbane is limited to 25 seats, and there will be a display showcasing the Australian Government’s WRM and WASH initiatives through AWP and WfW for those in attendance.

‘Innovate 4 Water’ is a marketplace for sustainable development, accelerating innovation and investments at the water nexus in Australia and the Asia-Pacific. The event is delivered by the International WaterCentre in partnership with Waterpreneurs, Switzerland. The first event in Brisbane will open ‘Innovate 4 Water’ in the Asia-Pacific region, following the success of the initiative in Europe and Africa since 2017.

The ‘Innovate 4 Water’ marketplace fosters interactions between global and local players from the private sector, the public sector and the civil society to shift financing towards innovative impactful local solutions. Originally programmed around water resource management, innovation, entrepreneurship and finance, every “Innovate 4 Water” theme will now have embedded COVID-19 related discussions.

Additionally, a new hybrid delivery format will transform “Innovate 4 Water” into a new and exciting experience with improved relevancy of the following themes:
1. Sustainable planning for health, food, energy, and water
2. Embracing the circular economy
3. Mitigating and adapting to climate change
4. Efficiency in water infrastructure and management
5. Off-grid and distributed solutions
6. Exporting Australian innovation and expertise (AWP theme)
7. Technology investment readiness and hybrid business models
8. Innovative finance for the water and water-dependent sectors
9. From resilience to prosperity (Water for Women theme)

For more information or to register, visit the event website.

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