World Water Day 2019

The 22nd March is World Water Day. To celebrate, ‘Australia Water Partners for Development’ will be highlighting water-related work across the Indo-Pacific region.

Clean, safe and accessible water for everyone in the community plays a critical role in addressing poverty and contributing to economic and human development. That is why Australia is supporting water for development through several key programs in the Indo-Pacific region.

The theme for World Water Day is ‘Leave no one behind’ which reflects the growing body of evidence and Australia’s belief in the importance of gendered and socially inclusive approaches to Water Resource Management (WRM) to achieve more effective and sustainable outcomes in development.

AWP is inviting its Partners to share their water-related work and success stories from AWP supported programs. Let’s celebrate water together across the region.

Australia Water Partners for Development is a WWD collaboration between the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the Water for Women Fund (WfW) and the Australian Water Partnership (AWP).

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