Indigenous knowledge featured in Voices for Rivers campaign

First Nations knowledge and tools are an important component of Australia’s water journey and including Indigenous know-how in water planning and governance is essential for sustainable water management globally. 

The International RiverFoundation’s (IRF) Voices for Rivers campaign aims to raise awareness about the critical role of rivers within ecosystems by showcasing Indigenous knowledge of water and climate. It seeks to advocate for responsible river management while promoting a sense of accountability for safeguarding rivers worldwide.  

AWP in collaboration with IRF have developed a series of videos to promote the incorporation of First Nations knowledge and experience in water governance to foster inclusive water resource management while addressing the disproportionate impact of climate change on water in the Indo-Pacific region. 

With extracts of recording from the IRF’s RiverTalk series, as well as sessions at SIWI World Water Week 2022 and 2023, these videos emphasise the importance of including traditional knowledge and tools to achieve climate-resilient water management and demonstrate the need for First Nations’ voice in water policy and decision-making to achieve equitable water management. The series outlines how global water stress has worsened by unequal water distribution and amplified by climate change, particularly impacting the Indo-Pacific region.   

The videos also emphasise the inclusion of Indigenous representation in water planning, recognising their role as Traditional Owners. Empowering First Nations’ voice in policy change is crucial for equitable water management, leveraging traditional knowledge for climate-resilient approaches, and utilising global platforms to inform non-indigenous partners, policymakers and decision-makers about Indigenous connectivity to land and water. 

To view the videos, visit: Collaboration with Indigenous Peoples – Australian Water Partnership


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