Indonesia Australia Business Week 2017

The second Indonesia Australia Business Week (IABW) will take place across multiple cities in the week of 6–10 March 2017. The event is a chance for or Australian businesses to explore a diverse range of commercial opportunities in Indonesia.

With a population of more than 255 million – more than half of whom are under 30 years of age – Indonesia has one of the largest consumer markets in South-East Asia.

Building on the success of the first Indonesia Australia Business Week in 2015, IABW 2017 will focus on industry sectors where Australian capability is well matched to commercial potential in Indonesia. One of these – the Resilient Cities Program – may be of relevance to water businesses.

The week will provide delegates with the opportunity to engage with Indonesian government officials, key industry players and customers through a range of business forums, seminars, roundtable discussions, networking events and site visits. A detailed program with locations and exact dates will be available mid-January.

Information about the overall IABW 2017 program can be found on the Austrade website.

Resilient cities program

Resilient cities prioritise master planning, water management and public spaces to create liveable and sustainable urban environments. Infrastructure development continues to be a high priority in Indonesia as its cities grow. Water security and liveability are two water management issues that are being addressed in Indonesia as urban areas are rejuvenated or expanded.

Australia’s experience in disaster management, and its understanding of smart urban architecture, may also be of interest. Australia’s expertise in mitigating risks posed by water-related natural disasters such as floods and droughts might help Indonesia minimise their impact on people’s lives and critical infrastructure, and safeguard this highly urbanised country from threat.

Another opportunity is in cross-sectoral approaches to water systems planning and integration with urban- and land-use planning. The pressing demand on Australia’s major cities for excellent urban water solutions has resulted in creative and resourceful industrial and urban water solutions and services, applying an integrated water-cycle management philosophy, and this may attract interest from those managing urban settings within Indonesia.

Registration closes 17 February 2017.

For more information and to register, visit the IABW 2017 Resilient Cities page.

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