Irrigation Roundtable guides AWP future investment

On 20 June, an Irrigation Roundtable was held in Canberra to harness the expertise of Australian Partners in the Australian Water Partnership and other irrigation experts to guide AWP’s future investment in the theme of irrigation. ‘Modern Irrigation Systems’ is one of four water-use domains that serve as a focus for AWP investment, and AWP is looking to ramp up its investment in this area.

Representatives from 20 Australian organisations and AWP program staff attended the event, which was facilitated by Tom Vanderbyl of Badu Advisory Pty Ltd. Presentations and discussions were held on:

  • The AWP
    • Its role and work
    • AWP irrigation projects to date
    • What motivated (or would motivate) Roundtable participants to join AWP
    • What future success for the partnership looks like
  • International context for engagement by Australia’s irrigation sector
    • International partners and their demand for Australian irrigation expertise
    • Australia’s contribution to the UN/WB High Level Panel on Water
    • Participant’s experiences internationally and lessons learned
  • Strategy to underpin AWP’s future investment in irrigation
    • What the Australian irrigation sector can offer internationally and the AWP’s niche within this engagement
    • AWP’s draft irrigation investment framework and ways to improve this
    • Mechanisms for successful international engagement

A paper is being drafted following the workshop that summarises and distills discussions about the international context for irrigation modernisation, the purpose and value of AWP’s irrigation investment, criteria to guide AWPs future investment in irrigation projects, and factors vital to successful international engagement. This paper will soon be published on the AWP Partner Portal, along with selected talks from the day. AWP partners will be notified when this material has been posted.

Featured image: Rubicon Water
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