Kaye Schofield AO departs from the Australian Water Partnership and eWater Ltd

Kaye Schofield AO did not seek re-election as Director of the eWater Ltd (EWL) Board at the 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM), and is also stepping down from her role as Chair of the Australian Water Partnership Advisory Committee (AWPAC).

Kaye was officially farewelled on 21 November, with AWP presenting her with a certificate of appreciation in recognition of her “outstanding vision, pioneering spirit and commitment to the AWP”, along with heartfelt words from the team that highlighted the positive impact Kaye made during her time with AWP.

Kaye has been Chair of the AWPAC since its inception in 2015 and has guided the Committee in their advice to the EWL Board on successfully executing the DFAT Grant Agreement. Her decision to resign was based on her desire to reduce her professional workload and make more time for family and personal interests—believing the timing was right for her departure.

“With eWater well-positioned to achieve its strategic objectives, with AWP Phase 2 funding now assured, the new Australia-Mekong Water Facility imminent and AWPAC working effectively, the timing is right for me and I believe organisational renewal can bring the benefits of fresh insights,” said Kaye.

Kaye has been succeeded by Robert (Bob) McMullan. A former Australian Senator, Bob represented the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) from 1989 to 1996 and resigned from the Senate to represent the ACT as a Member of the House of Representatives from 1996 to 2010. He held several ministerial positions, including the Minister of Arts (1993–1994), Minister of Trade (1994–1996) and Parliamentary Secretary for International Development Assistance (2007–2010).

Since leaving Parliament, Bob has been involved in a range of activities with a focus on international development and he brings this passion and expertise to his new roles as Board Director of EWL and Chair of AWPAC.

The AWP team presents Kaye Schofield with an honorary certificate of appreciation in recognition of her contributions as AWPAC Chair.
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