Kini interview with Pritha Hariram, Program Manager (WASH), IWA

Listen to the latest Kini interview with Pritha Hariram, Program Manager (WASH) of IWA, speaking about partnerships for improved development aid, performance tools, and women in water.

Presently, Pritha is the IWA’s Program Manager for the Water and Sanitation Services program. The program aims to afford a range of target audiences including service providers, regulators, and financial institutions with best practices in achieving universal access and improved service delivery of water supply and sanitation.

Prior to joining IWA, Pritha was an Urban Development Specialist with the Asian Development Bank where her primary role was to lead in the identification, development, implementation, and administration of loans and grants for urban water and sanitation programs in South Asia.

Visit Kini for the full interview Q&A with Pritha Hariram.

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