Kini: Linking Water Management Peers in Australia and the Asia Pacific

Kini, Malaysian for ‘current’, signifying the views of leading water practitioners in regards to current trends related to their respective areas of expertise, seeks to expand the dialogue about solving water problems more broadly throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific. . It is about providing opportunities for those who are unable to take part in the more concerted, ‘project’-style AWP activities, to connect with one another and share knowledge.

By nature kini is most likely to resemble an online ‘community of practice’. The scope of knowledge to be shared is broad, encompassing all aspects of water reform and management that are both relevant to the Asia Pacific and correspond to Australian expertise. The potential range of water professionals or stakeholders is also relatively wide, comprising anyone from Australia and the Asia-Pacific with sufficient awareness and impetus to start a dialogue.However, Kini is not primarily about building a new online platform. Instead it is an effort to connect people using whatever their preferred communication platforms are – e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, WeChat, or special purpose online communities for water e.g. SuSanA

Kini connects individuals and organisations to timely, useful, quality knowledge – whether that be documentation, discussions, learning tools, conference videos, or other suitable electronic media.

The Kini initiative serves to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between Australia and the Asia Pacific. Kini looks to achieve two main objectives:

(1) Translate Australian knowledge into products that can be taken up more easily by those who may be able to use them both in Australia and in the Asia Pacific;

(2) Share knowledge through connecting practitioners using existing platforms and channels.

Kini recognises that learning requires face-to-face connections, and aims to supplement this with available information through virtual means.

Visit the Kini Knowledge Resource Here