Myanmar Young Water Professionals Program 4th batch welcomed

A new group of Young Water Professionals (YWP) from Myanmar were officially welcomed in a ceremony at Yangon Technical University on 17 July. This is the fourth ‘batch’ of YWPs to participate in the eleven-month program, led by the Myanmar Hydro-Informatic Centre and jointly funded by AWP and the Netherlands Government.

AWP’s Myanmar Coordinator, Mr Rory Hunter, participated in the ceremony alongside Director General U Htun Lwin Oo, Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River Systems (DWIR) and Secretary National Water Resources Committee (NWRC), Prof Khin Ni Ni Thein, Secretary Advisory Group of the NWRC and Component 1 Director of the World Bank’s AIRBM Project, and Matthijs Zijlmans, Economic Officer from the Netherlands Embassy in Yangon.

Mr Hunter delivered an opening address on behalf of Australia in one of his first major face-to-face meetings since he assumed the role of Myanmar Coordinator on 28 June. During his address, Mr Hunter emphasised the importance of building capacity among young water professionals to deliver future water reforms in Myanmar.

“The long-term sustainability of water reform in Myanmar rests squarely on the shoulders of the next generation of water leaders. Australia is pleased to announce our ongoing commitment to the YWP program, and we look forward to meeting and interacting with the Batch Four YWPs,” he said.

The YWP Program is a full-time professional development program for recent graduates and mid-level government officials. The 4th batch includes 12 YWPs from DWIR, the Irrigation and Water Utilisation Management Department, the Environment Conservation Department, the Ministry of Electricity and Energy, Yangon Technical University and civil society organisations.

The Program broadens the understanding and expertise of YWPs to better appreciate the complex interplay of disciplines that make up water management, equipping participants with the knowledge and passion to become future water leaders and ultimately advance Myanmar’s water reform journey.

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