Capacity Development

One of the best long-term investments that any organisation can make is in capacity development. Capacity development can be undertaken through diverse channels and methods. Australia has experience and expertise in several fields that can contribute to the capacity development of our In-country Partners.

All of our activities involve capacity development in some respect or another. Capacity development can be achieved through well-targeted exchanges, ‘twinning’, training/education programs, workshops, institutional strengthening, ‘learning weeks’, within-project skills training, and delivery of presentations at conferences and special sessions. We also support Australian Partners in enhancing their skills in international engagement.

Developing the next generation of water professionals and leaders is critical to the future of sustainable water management. Too few water professionals in the developed world are trained to address the vast and different needs of developing countries, requiring a fundamental change to education systems. At the same time, many developing countries have very limited capability to teach the complexities of sustainable water management. The Australian Water Partnership strives to be a provider of diverse, innovative and effective capacity development with measurable outcomes in our priority geographies.

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Do you have these challenges?

  • Improving technical skills in water management for your organisation/department
  • Building resilience through investing in the next generation
  • Designing two-way learning and knowledge sharing exchange
  • Learning more about what Australia has to offer through exposure visits or study tours
  • Developing your knowledge and understanding of international engagement
  • Strengthening your organisation’s governance and management

Want to learn more about…

Young Water Professionals

AWP supports the next generation of water experts through the capacity development of Young Water Professionals. This is primarily done through our Portfolio of activities and integrated into broader Program work plans.

Twinning Programs

AWP supports the two-way exchange of knowledge, learning, and skills through a twinning modality; linking Australian and In-County Partner professionals through a co-designed program of exchange. AWP supports twinning through water utilities and basins.

Study Tours and Visiting Delegations

AWP supports a variety of study tours and visiting delegations at the request of our In-country Partners. These can take place as part of a broader development activity or as a stand-alone event.


AWP supports training in the form of workshops, specialised training events (master classes), and training interventions integrated into our Porftolio of activities as needed.

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