Environmental Water

Water for the environment underpins and enables social and economic activities and aspirations. Healthy freshwater ecosystems enable long term strategic planning and consideration of future generations’ water related needs. Good water quality is essential for human and ecosystem health. As populations grow and natural environments become degraded, reducing pollution is key to ensuring safe water supplies for the full range of uses and users.

Australia has a strong international reputation in environmental water planning and policy, underpinned by a solid foundation of hydro-ecology science. Australian researchers have also played a significant role in the development of practical guidelines for river rehabilitation, and the development and implementation of innovative tools for monitoring and reporting on river ecosystem health. Australia is one of the few countries in the world with successful implementation of water-for-environment policies.


Do you have these challenges?

  • Ensuring that water for the environment (water-related ecosystems) is taken into account
  • Ensuring that aquatic ecosystems are maintained during drought conditions
  • Reporting on river health and developing indicators for monitoring
  • Understanding why the environment is important in your basin plan, IWRM plan, etc.
  • Improving the water quality in your rivers, lakes and wetlands
  • Improving the quality of your water supplies
  • Improving wastewater treatment from domestic and industrial sources

Want to learn more about…

  • Setting environmental objectives
  • Mapping water-related environmental assets and resources
  • Water for the environment
  • Environmental flows and environmental watering
  • River health and environmental reporting
  • SDG 6.6
  • Groundwater dependent ecosystems
  • Sustainable diversion limits
  • Valuing water
  • Links to cultural flows
  • Point and diffuse source pollution
  • Water quality guidelines
  • Water supply and wastewater treatment
  • Water treatment technologies
  • Operations-regulation and enforcement
  • Climate change impacts and adaptation

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