Water and Climate

The Australian Water Partnership has worked to support resilience of communities and ecologies since our inception, and this year we have stepped up our engagement with water and climate resilience. We are joining with international water experts to raise the importance of integrated climate, water, and development solutions as we confront the triple challenge of ensuring healthy people, decent livelihoods, and a healthy planet.

Our work emphasises the importance of a socio-ecological approach to understanding climate change and water security risk, particularly in the Indo-Pacific where climate impacts are being felt first through water.

Climate Change and Water Security in the Indo-Pacific Region: Policy Brief (2.8mb)

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United Nations Climate Change Conference: COP26

31 October to 12 November 2021, Glasgow, Scotland

COP 26 banner

The 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change hosted by the UK in partnership with Italy, will take place from 31 October to 12 November 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. COP26 arrives at an important moment to showcase a wide range of implementable and innovative climate solutions from around the world designed to help countries successfully reach their climate ambitions while ensuring access to safe, clean, and reliable water for people and ecosystems. Supported by the Australian Government, the Australian Water Partnership is hosting a session on Monday 8 November on Adaptation & Resilience Day. Find out more below.

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How can I get involved?

Do you have a story about water and resilience in the Asia-Pacific? We would love to hear it. Share it with us on Twitter by tagging #COP26waterstories and @WaterPartnersAU (view example). We will be sharing all water stories together as a Twitter Moment and it will be shown at our COP26 session on 8 November to amplify the importance of water and climate.

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To find out more, contact our Partnerships & Impact Lead, Sarah Ransom: Contact us

Anyone, anywhere in the world, can follow our event and other sessions in the Water & Climate Pavilion without registration.

  Participate and livestream at waterforclimate.net or Youtube.

Water in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report

Professor Scott B. Power (Director of the Centre for Applied Climate Sciences at the University of Southern Queensland) talks about the latest climate change findings from IPCC’s sixth assessment report released in August 2021—focusing on Working Group 1: The Physical Science Basis—and the implications/net consequences to water. View the presentation below and an overall summary of what the IPCC report is.

Related infographic showing key findings from Scott Power’s presentation

Visual scribe

Videos from our COP26 partners

Cultural flows

Transformative climate-resilient solutions

Inclusive and climate-resilient WASH and health

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For more information, visit UNFCCC and the official COP26 website.