Water and COVID-19

The water sector has an important role to play in our immediate response to COVID-19 as well as in the recovery and rebuilding phases as the world readjusts to a range of legacy impacts from the pandemic. This role spans and incorporates the breadth and depth of the various domains and disciplines of water resources management. COVID-19 is shining a light on the weak points in the approaches, tools and systems that we have built, or are attempting to build, in striving to achieve equitable and sustainable management of our water resources around the world.

The strength of water, the uniqueness of water, is that it is connected to and embedded within most of the goods and services that we rely on as individuals, communities, countries and regions. COVID-19 is testing the strength of these interconnections and interdependencies and is revealing just how important water is in addressing the health, food, transport, environmental and economic crises that are unfolding before us. A recognition that water is an essential service will enhance our ability to respond, recover and rebuild a post-COVID-19 world and provides an opportunity for us to rethink and reprioritise our interests, ambitions and resources. [Continue Reading…]

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COVID-19 Water Security Risk Index

Launched 21 August 2020: Read the media release

Australia is supporting COVID-19 preparedness, response and recovery activities across the Indo-Pacific to secure our region’s health, wellbeing and stability in these challenging times. In support of the Australian Government’s Partnerships for Recovery policy, we have supported the development of the COVID-19 Water Security Risk Index (developed by the Griffith University’s International WaterCentre and the School of Medicine). The Index builds upon the ADB’s Asian Water Development Outlook (AWDO) approach, which is partly funded by AWP, as well as public health risk frameworks and indicators. It considers factors that influence a country’s vulnerability to respond to COVID-19 risks from a water security perspective.

Access the Index   |  Download the report: PDF (1.6mb) Word (362kb) Excel (162kb)  |  Video: How to navigate the Index

Download country-specific briefs: Flag of East Timor Timor-Leste  (2.4mb)  |  Flag of Solomon Islands Solomon Islands (895kb)

‘Australian Telewater Network’ for International Development


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The Australian Telewater Network® is a web-based initiative aimed at providing effective and increased access to Australian water resources advice, knowledge and tools in developing countries that will assist in their preparedness, response and recovery from COVID-19.

The approaches and lessons in managing COVID-19 risks by Australian water utilities are in high demand by their twin utilities in Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia, and more broadly across the Indo-Pacific region. In response to this demand, Telewater is being piloted in Indonesia and the Pacific region with a focus on supporting the water utility sector.

Access the Telewater network hubs below, which are being implemented by the Australian Water Association in Indonesia and the Pacific Water and Wastewater Association, with HunterH2O, in the Pacific.

Telewater: Southeast Asia

Led by the AWA

Visit Telewater: Indonesia

Telewater: Pacific

Led by the PWWA and Hunter H2O

Visit Telewater: Pacific

The Australian Telewater Network® is an AWP initiative supported by the Australian Government.

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