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We work with Australian and regional partners across the Indo-Pacific to address important regional water and climate challenges.

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We support a range of activities that draw on Australian expertise to improve water resources management outcomes through sharing knowledge and experiences; developing capacity of individuals and organisations; and promoting the adoption of effective policies, practices and tools.

A photo of a boat driving up a river in the Mekong Region

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia faces challenges to regional water, food and energy security, which requires transboundary collaboration.
A photo of water-side templates in South Asia

South Asia

South Asian countries are positioned below the Himalayas, where rainfall and glacial melt feed into three great rivers—the Brahmaputra, the Indus and the Ganges.


The Pacific Region is highly diverse, comprised of continental island countries such as Papua New Guinea, through to coral atolls like Kiribati, and covers 15 percent of the Earth’s surface.
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