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Access Water Management Pty. Ltd.

I was Executive Director for Water Resource Management from 2006 to 2007 and NSW Water Commissioner from 2009 to 2014. I was also NSW Deputy Commissioner to the MDBC from 1997 and Senior Official to the Basin Officials Committee until 2014. I have 25 years experience in water policy and planning, and water management at the highest level and have been responsible for development and implementation of significant water reform.

Water policy development, Water planning, Institutional reform, Stakeholder engagement, Program management, Project development

  • Privatisation of NSW irrigation corporations
    Developed conditions of Irrigation Corporation licences for privatised Murray and Western Murray Irrigation Corporations
  • Sydney Metropolitan water Plan 2010
    Chaired the NSW Metro CEO’s group in the development of the Sydney Metropolitan Water Plan, including environmental flow rules, and desalination plant operating rules
  • NSW drought water sharing
    Negotiated changes to interestate water sharing arrangements and developed and introduced drought water sharing policy for southern NSW in 2007
  • Trade of salinity credits
    Negotiated commercial arrangements allowing a private company to dispose of saline water, in reply to funding salt interception works that removed two-times the salt disposed from entering the Murray River
  • NSW Water Policy
    Developed the NSW policy framework for the National Water Initiative
Access Water Management Pty. Ltd.
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