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All-in-One Water Management Services

All-In-one water management services comprise of water professionals with a range of expertise in various fields related water. The full range of expertise include water regulation, hydrologic and groundwater modelling, policy and process, resource assessment, remote sensing legislative and licensing systems. The owner (Salim Vhora) has over 27 years of experience in water related fields and includes 8 years in India at a middle management level. The team includes: Martin Forman – Licensing Systems, water policy, regulation and legislative reforms – over 30 years in natural resources management Mustak shaikh – Resource assessment, evaluation and monitoring including use of remote sensing for compliance purposes – over 25 years of experience Tahir Hameed – Hydrological and groundwater modelling, ober 20 years in modelling including Murray Darling Basin.

  • Full range of water management skills
  • experience in working in water related fields in subcontinent (local knowledge) and understanding of geopolitics in the region
  • involved in Australia’s journey to water reforms since 1994 including National water Initiatives
  • Expertise in review of legislation, policies and regulatory/compliance policies and processes
  • Technical expertise in managing water licensing and water accounting systems
  • High level (one of th best in the world) for hydroly modelling (IQQM) and groundwater modelling
  • Use of remote sensing technology of resource assessment, evaluation and compliance monitoring
  • willing to work on overseas assignments with competitive price (low running and overheads costs) and willingness to contribute to development/management of water resources in the subcontinent

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