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Aqua Rock Konsultants

Aqua Rock Konsultants (ARK) is a recently established consultancy (7th June 2016). The Directors are Dr Len Drury – (MSc (Geology), PhD (Hydrogeology), Diploma Hydrology and Certificate of Contaminated Water Treatment) and Janet Drury (Diploma of Teaching). Personnel within the company have strong expertise in groundwater and environmental project management, counterpart training, site-specific and regional hydrogeological assessment and stakeholder liaison. Dr Drury has broad groundwater sector experience, working in government for 14 years and 30 years as an international consultant. He has been Project Hydrogeologist and/or Manager on many Australian Overseas missions (ADAB, AusAID, DFAT), the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and United Nation Agencies, especially in the Indo-Pacific region. He has significant groundwater, water management, training and environmental experience in 43 countries throughout Asia, Indian subcontinent, the Pacific, Africa, Middle East, the Americas, United Kingdom and all states of Australia for private and government clients, bilateral agencies and lending institutions. During this period he has worked on over 150 mining studies, 77 regional groundwater supply projects and some 40 major environmental and social assessments. Janet Drury is a highly skilled writer and editor of major Environmental and Social Impact assessments in Mongolia, Pakistan, Middle East and Bangladesh.

ARK is a new consultancy in the water and environmental disciplines. Professionals within ARK have the following
• Project management / Team leadership
• Hydrogeological assessment (site specific, river basin, regional and national)
• Water management, monitoring and water balance (recharge, discharge, storage)
• Training in groundwater theory and management for counterparts and community
• Stakeholder consultation
• Environmental and social impact assessment of major projects
• Site remediation

  • Burma Village Water Supply Project, Central Myanmar
    Client: AusAID, Project Manager: A community demand based, rural water supply to 3100 villages (approx. 3 million people) in Dry Zone, directed to poorer sections of the country. Control of project logistics, budgets, strategy, local and foreign experts, quality control, accommodation and procurement; US$100m procurement; operate 29 drilling rigs, 4 drilling stations; 3500 village boreholes pumps and engines, appropriate latrine design; hygiene promotion and village pump technical training; institutional strengthening; review of legislation, strong community liaison; developed evolving water management models (including multi village water supply schemes); reporting to clients (AusAID and UNICEF); and comprehensive implementation and construction schedules. Implement, Design and Construct stages. Training of 40 counterparts.
  • Taung Zin Piped Water Supply Project, Central Myanmar
    Client: AusAID. Project Manager: Part of the Burma Village Water Supply Project. Water supply to 100 villages (10,000 people) in Dry Zone, Central Myanmar. Irrawaddy River source, 62km pipeline; 14 pump stations, 18 reservoirs, slow sand filter plant, technical training community participation; latrine design and hygiene promotion, reporting to clients and comprehensive implementation schedules. Design and Construct stages. Control of project logistics, budgets, strategy, local and foreign experts, quality control, accommodation, procurement, client liaison, progress reports, and Terms of Reference
  • Groundwater Contaminated Study, Homebush Bay Olympic 2000 Park Site, Sydney, Australia
    Client: Public Works Dept. Project Manager: Led 70 multidisciplinary staff in delineation of horizontal and vertical extents of landfills and nature of contamination over 660 hectares of unregulated industrial/municipal waste, 2,000 test holes, 25,000 organic/inorganic analysis, interpretation and remediation. Development of major databases and reporting facilities. Member of Task Force Committee, working on remediation technology for highly toxic contamination. Responsibilities included design & scheduling of project, control of project logistics, budgets (A$3.5 million), technical & drilling experts, quality assurance and control, facilities, procurement and media. Study lead to the successful on-time completion of the Olympics 2000 infrastructure. Professional working committee on remediation technology, design and construction for highly toxic contamination in unregulated landfills at Homebush Bay
  • Water Resources and Environmental Master Plan Study – Yaqara Basin, Northern Viti Levu, Fiji
    Client:Fiji Government Steering Committee. Team Leader: The multidisciplinary study involved assessments of sustainable water yield, agricultural land use options, socioeconomic impacts, sanitation and storm water runoff management, community participation, resource management strategy, cost-benefit analysis, training and transfer of technology. Close
  • Mekong Delta Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project, Vietnam
    Client: AusAID Water Resources Specialist: Responsible for identifying appropriate fresh groundwater, runoff water and sanitation technology optimising water supply sources in saline and irrigation contaminated sections of the Mekong River Delta, development of water management models, appropriate sanitation and water pump technologies and assessment of supply chains. Project directed towards the poorer and landless parts of Khmer communes and urban slums in Bac Lieu, Kien Giang, Vinh Long, Ben Tre and Long An. Feasibility / project design levels. Preparation of Terms of Reference for Consultants

    Client: AusAID / World Bank. Water Supply and Environmental Specialist: Conducted pre-feasibility to feasibility level analysis of existing water supply facilities, and assessed impacts on community and related infrastructure on expanded services. Assisted in design of water supply systems to the small towns of Jayapura, Sorong, Merauke, Fak Fak, Arso, Manokwari and Timika. Developed water resource policy and funding program.

Aqua Rock Konsultants
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