Australian Partners

Arcus Enterprises Pty Ltd

Provides consulting services relating to sustainable hydropower

Provides consulting services relating to sustainable hydropower

  • THPC Panel of Experts
    Team Leader, Panel of Experts, Theun-Hinboun Power Company, Lao PDR. Independent verification of delivery of entitlements in the company’s concession agreement that address resettlement of more than 4,000 villagers
  • Mekong River Mainstream Dams Design Guidelines
    Team Leader, Mekong River Commission, review and update of design guidance for Mekong River hydropower project development and operations
  • Hydropower sustainability assessments
    Sustainability assessments of hydropower and pump storage projects at various life cycle stages (preparation, construction, operation) in in Australia, Austria, Bhutan, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Iceland, India, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, and Vietnam, involving evidence-based evaluation and ratings for aspects encompassing governance, finance, assets, safety, social and environment, enabling corporations and governments to benchmark performance and guide improvements
  • Cumulative Impact Assessments
    Cumulative impact assessments of power developments in river basins in Bhutan and Myanmar, involving complex scenario-based multi-criteria assessments, methodology development, capacity-building and recommendations to governments.
  • Hydropower Good Practice Guidelines

    Principal author of good international industry practice guidelines for hydropower developments at all life cycle stages for the International Hydropower Association, capturing global good practice, and providing a practical and internationally-accessible capacity-building resource

    Team Leader, Mekong River Commission project for improved environmental, social and economic baseline information for decision-making on Mekong River hydropower developments, achieving agreement amongst the four Lower Mekong Member Countries and relevant MRC programmes and on a guiding framework and actions

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