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Australian Groundwater Technologies Pty Ltd

AGT provides groundwater and environmental consulting services to the mining, construction, water and agricultural industries, as well as government and community sectors. We have built a team of exceptional hydrogeologists and environmental engineers who are dedicated to the development and application of innovative and cost-effective solutions to address the groundwater and environmental issues faced by our clients.

AGT has a proven track record in the sustainable development, management and protection of groundwater resources and offers a complete range of hydrogeological services including:
• Managed aquifer recharge
• Town water supply, irrigation water supply
• Construction dewatering
• Irrigation water management
• Groundwater modelling
• Aquifer pumping tests and analysis
• Well siting, supervision and testing
• Groundwater monitoring
• Water resource planning and management
• Groundwater strategies, policy
• Risk assessment
• Independent reviews and due diligence studies

• project management
• risk management
• technical review
• program delivery and implementation
• quality assurance
• stakeholder engagement
• staff performance management
• leadership
• strategic planning
• innovation

  • Morphettville Racecourse ASR,Neeta – Cowirra Hydrogeological Investigations,Barwon Water ASR, Geelong,City of Charles Sturt – ‘’Waterproofing the West’’,Department of Finance, WABayulu remote community school well.,City of Tea Tree Gully Stormwater Harv
    AGT developed a stormwater harvesting, treatment and re-use scheme to provide irrigation quality water for the Morphettville Racecourse. It harvests 600 ML/yr of stormwater from a local catchment (465 ha) with treatment by wetlands prior to injection into the aquifer. The study involved hydrogeological characterization, conceptual design, injection/extraction modelling, a well survey to investigate potential impacts on nearby users; aquifer discharge tests to determine aquifer hydraulic responses; functional design for a fully automated system which includes all the necessary control and on-line monitoring to protect the groundwater resources; obtaining all appropriate licensing and permitting approvals, and monitoring program development.,SA Water required an investigation into the use of ASR to improve the quality of River Murray water supplied for domestic and potable purposes. An investigation well was subsequently drilled and a short discharge test carried out to obtain a reliable estimate of the well yield. Due to the low yield results of the test due to the nature of the aquifer, acid treatment, followed by airlifting and a six hour step discharge test was conducted followed by the installation of a production well, a step discharge test; injection trial, model refinement and functional design of the aquifer filtration scheme.,AGT and United Water assessed the feasibility of using ASR technology to assist in meeting reclaimed water demand from the Black Rock Water Reclamation Plant (WRP). The study assessed the ASR potential within the Greater Geelong Region including hydrogeological assessments; matched existing and future demand centres together with existing infrastructure in relation to the Black Rock WRP; identified potential ASR sites; provided rankings and recommendations for the best options for ASR schemes and future works, and identified risks and regulatory constraints of ASR using reclaimed water.Outputs included identified targeted aquifers, preferred treatment methods, life cycle costings and work scopes.,AGT conducted hydrogeological investigations for the ‘Waterproofing the West ‘, aimed at reducing the City of Charles Sturt’s reliance on mains water via the use of stormwater ASR. Preliminary investigations identified three sites to harvest and inject some 2.4 GL/yr of wetland treated stormwater. Stage 1 investigations included a data review and preparation of program of works for the hydrogeological investigations. Stage 2 was a feasibility study and drilling of investigation wells. Geophysical logging and aquifer testing. Subsequently, work included liaison with regulatory authorities, functional design, groundwater modelling, ongoing advice on system design, and risk assessment to support licensing approvals.,Two new potable water supply bores were completed at the Bayulu Remote Community School in the Permian age Millajiddee Member sediments of the Canning Basin. The bores were drilled to 37 m and 25 m below ground level. Aquifer discharge tests were conducted and identified transmissivities of 170 m2/day and 140 m2/day respectively. The bores were commissioned as the new water supply for the community.,AGT undertook a review of the potential for harvesting stormwater for beneficial use by storage in the underlying aquifers within the council boundaries. Seven holes were drilled, with one recommended to be tested for ASR potential by injection of mains water and three holes to be completed as production wells. Observation/injection wells were also drilled at Solandra Reserve for ASR to supply irrigation water to Civic Park. This is now an operational scheme consisting of two ponds with a harvesting capacity of 20 ML/yr and delivery capacity of 1.5 L/sec.
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