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Axiom Water Technologies Pty Ltd

Axiom Water Technologies Pty Ltd is a specialist Water Quality and Integrated Water Management Consulting Service based on the Northern Beaches of Cairns, North Queensland. We work in Participatory Development and Technical aspects of Environmental, Water and Wastewater related consulting practice. Our objective is the integration of water supply, sanitation, environmental health, hygiene and nutrition approaches targeted towards social and institutional change to achieve positive long term outcomes. Owner and Director Mr Peter Sharry has over 25 years of experience in technical and management positions across a variety of water projects in the consulting, industrial, mining, power and municipal sectors. He has extensive experience in water supply management, the selection, operation and optimization of water treatment processes for human consumption and industrial applications and the design, operation and troubleshooting of chemical dosing systems and membrane filtration processes, particularly Reverse Osmosis.

– Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)
– Capacity building of local people in technical and governance areas to promote sustainable development
– Water quality testing (field instrumentation)
WASH Programs incorporating
– Community water source selection, quality evaluation and development
– Gravity water supply hydraulic design and implementation
– Training for skills transfer in water supply and sanitation implementation and management
– Community Led Total Sanitation programs integrated with water supply
– Monitoring and Evaluation programs
– Hygiene training and promotion

  • Manus Island – Porokou water and sanitation Project
    This project has just commenced. We are undertaking participatory appraisal with the Momote community to assist them with defining and implementing an community based integrated solution to water supply and sanitation needs, This will include capacity building for hygiene , technical and governance needs.
  • Theun-Hinboun Power Company (THPC)
    Implementation of the Integrated WASH & Nutrition Programme; Integration of environmental health / waste management; Water Safety Plans, CLTS, WASH in Schools and community development activities; Liaison and support to THPC staff, government counterparts and collaborative partners; Support to Environment Unit and development of THPC Water Quality Monitoring & Evaluation Plan; and Advising on THPC Environmental Management Plan
  • PNG Environmental Water Quality Assessment
    Axiom was engaged to lead the water quality assessment component of an Environmental Impact Assessment the scope, as we have recognised skills and experience in this capacity. The scope involved spending 10 days in the Gulf Province, based in oil and gas exploration camps, along with client staff who were undertaking other components of the work, and the Interoil Environment Manager. A total of 27 locations in the project area were selected as monitoring sites. The sites were chosen in consultation with local landowners and Interoil staff. The field work and reporting was completed on budget and ahead of time.
  • Exploraton camp water supply – PNG
    Axiom was engaged by Interoil (SPI) to provide specialist advice regarding the water treatment system design and associated water quality issues at an exploration staging camp in the Gulf Province of Papua New Guinea.
  • Project Manager – Integrated resource Project options assessment, Cooktown
    Integrated planning support for development of indigenous lead resource extraction project, energy project and sustainable community
  • Hanuabada Village WASH Project
    Preliminary scoping and community discussions at Poreporena to scope water and sanitation solution options and form the basis of a community-led development plan
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