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Beca Pty Ltd

Beca Pty Ltd is a member of the Beca group, one of the largest employee-owned engineering and related consultancy services groups in the Asia Pacific region. Beca’s long-term commitment to client services is mirrored in our expanding service scope and its approach to development in key markets. We seek to operate closely with national providers of professional services, providing an optimum mix of local knowledge and globally sourced expertise. Beca operates from three key market hubs: Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and has an international resource of 3,000 staff. In Australia we have over 400 employees operating out of Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide. Beca also has project and representative offices throughout Asia, the Pacific and South America. Beca is an employee-owned company, focused on providing our clients with independent and impartial advice. We are committed to building strong and lasting relationships by responding to the needs and aspirations of our clients and our communities. Our service record with existing clients, in many cases over 30 years standing, provides new clients with a powerful record of delivered value and client satisfaction. Through our regional focus, we have gained valuable experience in the provision of consulting services in developing countries of the Pacific including Samoa, Fiji, Tuvalu, Niue, Cook Islands, Tokelau, Nauru, Marshall Islands, and the Federated States of Micronesia, as well as other developing nations in Asia and Central America. Beca has a policy of ensuring teams include local staff to increase the project?s knowledge of the local environment.

1. Building engineering, services, including architecture 2. Civil and Structural Engineering 3. Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls Engineering 4. Geospatial Services, Land Surveying, GIS, CAD and Geotechnical Services 5. Government and Defence, including asset and business performance management 6. Power Systems, including generation, transmission and distribution 7. Project & Programme Management, Cost Management, Valuations and Estimating 8. Transport Engineering including rail, road, airports, ports and transport management 9. Water, Wastewater, water resources, and environmental management and planning

  • Victorian Desalination Plant – Thiess Degrémont Joint Venture
    A Beca team of over 250 people assisted during the design phase, providing CAD, mechanical, electrical, process, power systems, HVAC, civil, structural, fire, instrumentation & control, planning, project management and project support.Beca’s involvement included: Providing specialist technical advice for the Lift Pump Station and Pump Stations and Surge Vessels The engineering design for the general areas for the entire Desalination Plant Design management and area lead for the Transfer pipeline. During the project, Beca‟s representative was elevated to Design Lead for the Transfer Pipeline.Technical Consultant delivering Technical Performance Specification, Systems Studies and Earthing Concepts for the power supply.
  • Suva Nausori Sewerage Upgrade 2004 – 2013, Water Authority of Fiji
    Design managers for provision of new sewer infrastructure in Suva with a total project capital value over $NZ30M.The projects included: Refurbishment and substantial upgrades of five existing major sewage pump stations in Suva. Two new gravity trunk sewers of combined total length of approximately 5 km. Investigation and management of improvements to trunk sewers and urban sewer networks that experience substantial inflow and infiltration problems. Two new major pump stations with installed pumpsets up to 120kW operating power including a combined total rising main length of approximately 5.5 km. 8 new sewage pump stations with rising mains
  • Review of Water Plans and Operational Audits of Water Authorities – Essential Services Commission, State Government of Victoria
    Undertook review of expenditure forecasts for Water Plan 3 (2013 – 2018) for Melbourne Water, Yarra Valley Water, South East Water, City West Water and Western Water. Reviewed proposed expenditure in terms of key obligations and drivers, robustness of project selection, risk sharing arrangements, robustness of costing and ability to deliver program within regulatory period. Operational and performance audits of a number of Victorian Water Authorities The audits reviewed technical and management compliance against a regulatory framework and were undertaken on an annual basis.
  • Water Resources Alliance Melbourne Water 2008-2013
    WRA is a Program Alliance to design and deliver over 100 water and sewerage projects with capital value of over $560M. Over 150 Beca staff were have been involved over the 4 years to date and include numerous water pipeline, water tanks, M&E renewals, and water and sewerage pumping station projects Through innovation workshops we realised capital savings of 11% across the program, as measured and demonstrated through the value initiative register. Services Provided: Program leadership, functional and detailed designs across all engineering disciplines, design management, project management, planning, environmental management, cost management, procurement, safety in design, community consultation.
  • Wairakei Bioreactor – Contact Energy
    Starting with early research, field trials and experimental prototypes, and then appointed in 2010 as design engineers to find a solution that allowed Contact Energy to both confidently lessen its impact on the Waikato River’s ecosystem and meet its new (2012) and future (2016)cooling water discharge consent requirements.Beca’s simple yet creative solution was to pump the cooling water through a 378 kilometrelong PE pipe field colonised with the sulphur-oxidizing bacteria. These bacteria occur naturally in the local geothermal environment and remove more than 80% of the H2S from the cooling water before the water is discharged into the river.
  • Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT)October 2011 – present
    Following the earthquakes Christchurch suffered unprecedented damage to infrastructure. The SCIRT Alliance was established with responsibility for rebuilding the horizontal infrastructure. Secondees into the SCIRT organisation plus around 40 engineers in one of the design teams. Our design team is tasked with designing the largest wastewater pumping stations, along with rebuilds and repairs to bridges, reservoirs, roads, stormwater, water supply and wastewater reticulation, generating an average of $15M of capital works for implementation every month
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